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Ok i read the previous post about adding aircraft to MS FS2004 but i tried to do a Mig and had no success. Can Someone explain it to me in Layman's terms. Thanks for your time.

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if your still waiting....

Look in your FS9->Aircraft folder
this is where they go...make that when you open a Boeing 747... (aircraft name) that it show your textures folder, panel folder, sound folder, aircraft.cfg, aircraft.air and such. sometimes it happens that you get the name of the plane as a subfolder within that subfolder. it wont work in this case, and probably the biggest reason people dont see the aircraft on their selection screen in flight simulator.

if you download an aircraft texture (repaint)...they go in the textures subfolder

if you get a new panel for a plane, the panel.cfg and other stuff goes in that folder.

if you get a new aircraft sound..put it in the aircraft-sound subfolder

gauges can come with a new panel...they go in a main fs9 folder...GAUGES

but basically, you need to have a aircraft.cfg, aircraft.air (or something), model folder, sound folder, panel folder, and texture folder for the aircraft to work

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