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I've got 2 questions that I have been unable to find answers to.

I would like to program FS 2004 to fly between 2 short hops. Like, St. Louis to Chicago which is 45 minutes, or, even a recent flight that I made in real life on SW airlines. We flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. 26 minutes.
I would like to be able to watch FS fly itself from the takeoff roll to the landing roll to see how it operates the aircraft.


I am very curious as to how you can tell how far you have been flying a certain heading so you will know when it's time to execute a turn.

I am not very good at flying at all. I have NO training at all, of any kind, but, I love aviation. The other day, I took off from an airport near Lambert in St. Louis MO, where I live. I flew all over the place, ended up seeing an airport, and flew a big circle around this airport, (though, I know it was not a proper "missed approach") and found myself "generally" lined up with the runway, and managed to touch down and stop and found by looking at the map that I was at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, IL.

Where can I learn to actually fly an approach? I can read the direction bearing, but, I know there has to be more to it than that. There are a couple of airports that are very close here. Parks in Cahokia and Lambert, which would not allow any private traffic, as far as I am aware. These two airports use 12 and 30 as runways. Lambert 12 L and 12 R, 30 L and 30 R. Well, I know I cannot take off from parks, and fly 120 heading and end up at Lambert's approach for 12 runway because Lambert of off the the right as you take off from runway 12 at Parks.

Thanks for any help anyone can tell me.

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You can "fly by the seat of your pants" using a compass (on screen) or the best way would be to take the free lessons that the Sim offers you.
Yes they will take a while to master, sometimes frustrating but in the end every time you go up will be an adventure.
After the "splash screen" the "menu" comes up. Click on "lessons" start reading #1 and at the bottom you can click the link and it will take you to a "video" that will teach you step by step.

Good luck with whatever you do. 👍

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Hello all. I fully agree with RadarMan. There is nothing like using the training modules supplied with FS9.

Happy Flying all.


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I really like the flying lessons with Rod. Beware! the flight examiner will not let you off easy. She is very demanding so study hard.

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Ronald, you are so right. She is a task master.

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I don't know which airplane you want to fly on your short hop, but from the sound of it I assume you are flying an airliner. If you are just starting, an airliner is not the best choice to start learning. Start with the cessna 172. As for the navigation, There are two ways to measure distance, one is gps, two vor-dme------ distance measuring equipment. I would also recommend getting some sectional or WAC charts. Any GA airport will have them, or if you have a real pilot friend, see if he has any out-of-date charts. If you love aviation as much as you say, do like I did, Find a good flight instructor and get a pilots license. It is not cheap, but is MORE than well worth it.

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That woman,,the instructor in lessons reminds me of my wife.....

She's always right,very opinionated,,and of coarse the reason I spend all my time in my shop flying....LOL 🙄

So If I want to...* Stand Corrected* I take a flight lesson....Or just go in my house................ 😳

So ....Happy flying and gotta love them ladies......... 😂

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I have went there, and have taken some lessons.

Sure are right about that instructor.

He does not give much leeway.

Wish there was a way to make him less tough!

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