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A sad day for WWII enthusiasts

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Ray Hanna - the 77 year old and renowned display pilot of a Mk IX Spitfire MH-434 has died 😞

I have personally watched him fly at displays and can say he was the best Spitfire display pilot up there by far

An interesting and amazing article about an interesting and amazing man..

S! S/L Hanna!

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Sad news indeed.
I watched Ray Hanna from his early display days and he certainly could show off an aircraft or choreagraph formation flying.
The article posted by Insight shows what a remarkable contribution Ray made to display flying and aviation in general.
A great pilot. RIP.

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he apparently, is also responsible for this out-take from a documentary:

Beware!!! Bad language used and new underpants required!!!

If you look he pulls up at the last second, if he hadn't the props looked to be the same height as the camera was!

I would have given any one of my limbs to have been that camera man, not many people can say they have been that close to a Spitfire going that fast and low

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I've seen that before and it never ceases to amaze me how much of an expert that pilot was, just amazing!


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Especially as you think he is probably travelling around 200mph when he does it (if he is going slowly 🙂 ) and he was probably just about turning 70 ish when it was filmed...

he also holds it at that height for quite some distance as you can just make out from the background

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I love that clip 😀

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What a sad event and loss. A legendary man of his time. Like many others I have been enthralled watching his aerial displays, many of which I have on Film/Video/35mm, having been a very active participant in Air Shows around the UK.

I remember one time, having an interesting conversation about the physics of flying, with a person in a maintenance hangar, who was tending a P51 with much TLC. At the end of our conversation, he says "Must get on, I'm flying this shortly", Wow! I thought, one of the pilots, I later discovered it had been Ray I was talking with, well he was that kind of guy. Often wondered about his age, thought he was a bit younger then me. But just a year older.

Now let's have a look at this clip of yours Insight.

WOW! What a bird, and what a fantastic Pilot! Bet they had a couple of stiff drinks after that close encounter.

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What a good clip

R.I.P Ray Hanna
may your spirit carry on.

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The funeral of S/L Ray Hanna took place today. A fly past was made by his beloved spitfire.
Visit The Old Flying Machine Company at the link below for dedications to Ray and also Mark Hanna, sadly killed in an air accident in September 1999

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😞 R.I.P Ray and thank you for the Red Arrows, may the clouds hold you up high forever more Crying or Very sad

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