Wish I'd had my camera.

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Played golf in Petaluma, CA today. Course is smack in the middle of the traffic pattern for the little airport there, with nearly every hole within close proximity to the runway.

The treat of the day was a beautiful DC3 making multiple takeoffs and landings. What a sound! She was silver (of course) with blue trim and the name "Rose" painted under the cockpit window.

There was a bunch of kids lying in the tall grass just ahead of the runway threshold watching the constant touch and go traffic. I wanted to quit my game and join them...

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There aren't to many of those beauties left in the world and to see one making "touch and goes' must have been a treat.
Now I know why I love to fly mine.

You combined two of my favorite pastimes, flight and golf (Links on the puter).

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Like you Radarman, my second (maybe first) hobby is golf. Our problems on the course, Brora Golf Club, are a little bit faster than the DC3 - UK and US aircraft (Typhoons and Tornados) use a practice bombing range about 8 miles away. The low level aproach is right over the course, it is always a good thing to take a plentiful supply of toilet paper with you Fear Embarassed And have good look round before you take a putt!!!

I run a Web site which records the doings of the Brora Old Boys Society
(BOBS) which is a seniors' society.

Have a good round 😀

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