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I already own a 17" monitor, and have now ordered a new 19" Hansol monitor. As a keen flight simmer, using FS9, and an owner of FS Navigator, how do you set up the two monitors, one for flying, and one for FS Navigator? Are there any other possibilities having two monitors? What cables will I require, etc. I am running Windows XP Home Edition, with 1Gb Ram, and a Radeon 9600 128Mb Graphics Card, with a 1.8 processor.

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I'm certain that you will find some interesting and helpful information in at least one of these links.
Good luck and enjoy.

I forgot to add this one, it's excellent ❗

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First you will need a DVi to crt monitor adapter if you did not got one with the card.
As you will learn from previously mensed articles
you can arrange your second monitor in different set up
side by side or 1 above the other
You can set at the second monitor except fsnavigator,
main panel and by doing so enlarge front view, radio stock and some other panels. The main problem is that you cannot save those set ups and with every flight you have to "play around" from almost from the begriming

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You will need to go to the card makers web sight...Find the adadpter they offer for their card,that will allow tou to plug extra monitor into it..Once done find the properties for your card by clicking on it's icon,and it will give you all your options there...I have the Radeon card with two monitors and it is great...I just pull the radio and nav inst. up to the top monitor and keep my flying window clean..........

Ask if you need more help..But after you get their adadpter,cost...about 15 bucks,tech support can hjelp with any issues you have......Mason

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Hi harlaymen. What ATI card you have? I just both 9600xt just for that (dual monitor). I have not installed it jet. Did you transferred other view like side view? If you did what frame rate you got?

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Hey Rafi......I have the G-Force FX Ultra 5700

All I have done so far,,time is short with spring here,,Is to pull the Avionics and radio window up to mu top 15 inch flat screen so far...It is set up in ,,Hmmmm,,what do they call that...Oh Yea....Clone..Meaning that both monitors have the same display,and upon start up of game I just pull those two up top out of my way....It will do all kinds of stuff but really haven't messed around to much yet...I was happy just to get the cockpit window free of those things for now.... Once I get more famaliar with it I will let you know...But that may take all summer for me....LOL I'm slow......

Happy flying .....Mason

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