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What am I missing?

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I started up the PMDG 747 and for some reason two of my instruments don't look right:

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Looks like no power or avionics turned off.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

IRS isn't aligned.

If you go up to the top left of the overhead, you'll see the 3 IRS selectors. Turn them to align, go into your FMC and enter your location into the POS INIT page, and then flip the switches back again to NAV. If you have it set to standard align time it will take around 7 minutes to sync. If you have it set to instant, well, I'm sure you can figure out how long that'd be!

If you're re-loading from a saved flight, you probably just need to go to the PMDG menu and "load panel state." It will put you right back to where you were after re-loading the panel state from the saved flight.

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