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Multiplayer does not connect through

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The MS Flight instructions state I can join a multi-session as a client by using “” and clicking search. Nothing shows up in the session box. It also states the most common connection problem is no internet connection. Obviously this is not my problem because I can post to this forum. I’m not a host, so opening a port should not be an issue.

Next, I went to the WEB site (which is MSN) and did a search of IP Flight Sim IP addresses since the initial page is mostly advertisements. Gee, what a surprise, nothing shows up on the Flight Sim subject.

I’ve also have read numerous posts on the online subject and downloaded a “How to” document……to no avail.

Why does MS have to be so cryptic when it comes to playing on line?
If I am the mal function, could someone please let me know.

Thanks, Jim

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kieranja First Officer

i have same trouble it says on learning click on the button. but there isnt one

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm not quite sure what your talking about.
Here is the flight sim room at the zone, just off to the left and down.
I think you have to have the CD in not the crack.


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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

That's a bummer if you have to have the CD in; for me at least. The whole idea of using a crack/patch for me is to keep my CDs in the condition I got them in. Oh's just as much fun flying on my own and exploring this wonderful new world I've discovered.

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