Lockheed Martin C-5

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Recently downloaded the C-5 but would like to know which keys operate the various features that come with this a/c, (ie. front and rear cargo doors, spoilers etc). Could someone enlighten me on this.

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You should find the answers to you questions in the 'readme file' that comes with the aircraft. Yes

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I did look at the Read-me file, it said nothing there to help me with this feature, I guess I'll forget about it. Thanks

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Hi Chrisennever,
I downloaded teh C5 Sparten of this site also, its great init!

To find out what controls do what, first look in the readme file, for the section saying 'action=contol' eg: 'Spoliers =Tailhook' Then go into your fs2004 settings, then define controls. Scroll down the list untill you see the command you were looking for, and it will have a key associated with it.

Write it down if you dont wanna forget it!

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shift+e to open pilot door,tailhook to open nose +ramp

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