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Can anyone tell me how to override the overspeed indicator when I fly my planes. I know that jets can fly faster than 360 mph w/o being overspeed. What's the answer?. HELP! 😂



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The airspeed indicator reads in indicated airspeed, not actual speed. At 35000 feet, most jets will be going almost supersonic and the airspeed indicator will still not read 360 knots. Mach .82 to.85 at 35000 feet usually indicates around 280-290 knots on the airspeed dial. At 35000' 280 indicated is more like 475 to 480 ktas That's true airspeed. The airspeed indicator in effect measures aerodynamic pressure more so than speed, that is one of the few constants in aviation, a critical one at that. All aircraft have Vne speed--- never exceed speed indicated by a red line on the dial or a barber pole needle. The reasons for not exceeding that speed is twofold, 1. It limits the stresses on the airframe, at low altitude, it is possible to overstress the airframe of a jet. 2. at high altitude it keeps you from having parts of the plane going supersonic,--- this has to do with how air flows around the plane. The higher you go in altitude the thinner the air gets, so strees decreases as you climb. Most airliners at maximum mach-- up to .9 mach--- that's 500 ktas and still be well under Vne. Expect to see around 300 kias at .9 mach at 35000'. So don't disable the overspeed alarm, it is there to keep you alive. Over speeding an airplane plays a large part in many aviation fatalities, I.E. midair breakups, usually after entry into a thunderstorm, or coming out of a death spiral after the pilot has entered IFR conditions without proper training, then breaking out of the bottom of the clouds and seeing the ground coming at you real fast and pulling up too quick.I don't think you can disable the alarm in fs9 anyway. The overspeed warning should be one of the most respected aspects of safe flying. I hope this helps your understanding of aviation dynamics. Leadfoot.

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Thanks for that information. Knowledge is a good thing.

Kicker1 😂

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LeadFoot, that is an excellent response to Kicker1. I learned something myself.

Happy flying all.


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If I overspeed my plane,,If equiped I hit the Airbrakes for a few and watch the airspeed drop...The buzz is anoying though......


Heey.. I´m with you, I hate the buzzing sound for overspeed to!!..

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wait but if you go overspeed your aircraft like dies

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The Overspeed warning is there to protect the aircraft and it's contents. It's simulated within flight simulator just as it is in real life. Try to fly the aircraft so that the overspeed doesn't occur. If you can't or don't want to, I suggest Playstation or Xbox. 🙂

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