European enhanced terrain

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😀 Hello all
Just took delivery of European Enhanced Terrain.
Loaded it up and, hey this aint bad,there is no noticable frame rate drop and I must say it looks good.
Comes with a couple of adventures which Ill check out later and let you know.

5th one down

Picked it up(new & saled) for 1/2 price on a well know auction site(yea thats the one)

Gotta go Im off out playing shove a penny tonight. Drool mmmmmmm beer
Ill let you Know

Happy landings

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Ok it covers all of Europe and brings it all to life(as any good t/mesh will)and is all in one package
The adventures?? are just putting you at various airports/fields and you are left to explore the area yourself
And a free Piper Super Cub to explore the scenery nice and slowly

Is it worth it?If Europe is your area of flying,then yes,and if you can get it for 1/2 price as I did then yes yes

I like anything that enhances my flights so Ill give it 9/10

Hope it helps

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