newbie: can FS 2004 run on my system

Radams Guest

Hi all,
newbie here...looking to get either FS 2004, or FS2002.
I have W98se with AMD 1.0Ghz and 256 Ram, GeForce 5600 with 256 Ram on board.
Will 2004 run well, or is it better to go with 2002 prof version?
thanks for your advice in advance,

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I am sure it will. I have a dual system (win98 and winxp) and running fs2004 on win98 some times I got better frame rates.


thanks Rafi,
how much RAM do you have and how fast is your system?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your system should run it well. But...I think that your best bet would be to get another 256mb ram bringing you to 512mb. With that and that excellent video card you have 2004 should run like a champ.
After you get it loaded we hope to see more of you, good luck. 👍


chise1 Guest

ya. To get the real experience, with everything maxed, you need a pretty sweet comp, though. My computer is pretty good. My computer:

P4 2.8 ghz
1 gb ddr pc-3200 rambus
RADEON 9800 pro 128 mb
160 gb hd
Win XP
Audigy 2 platinum
ASUS motherboard

Even with all of this stuff, I only get 30-35 frames per second


thanks everyone...I think I'll like it here 😀
I'm in Taiwan for a getting FS 2004 might be a problem...we'll see.
Upgrading my memory will definitely be cheaper here!
Randy A

PS sorry, doesnt look like html is working....

I fixed it. Radar

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I hope your able to find it, I think with your machine you'll enjoy the new features.


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