I need help i broke my 1st disc of msfs2002 pro

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ok i need some seriuos help i broke my microsft flight sim 2002 pro first disc so i downloaded a iso file of it off kazza. ( i dont think that illegal since i bought it already) and i upacked all the file and it is 720 mb and they wont fit on a cd can some one open there cd and tell me wat file are sopposed to be on the cd and wats in the folders i know no one wants to do this but i can arranged somethin if you do email me at plz i need help i cant play cause its not installed plz help like i said if you do i can arranged somethin for you.

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joe51187 Guest

in case you wondering my nephew knocked it off my desk....and i ... stepped on it. Broke in 2 lol plz help me lol im lost i need flight lol


Its stil ilegal to download it. 😕

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😳 Oh dear, kazza eh......... DO VIRUS CHECK on this file
CD1 should have 591 MBs

Hope this helps

tried to send you a screen shot but it keeps comming back as invalid


[quote="Anonymous"]Its stil ilegal to download it. 😕[/quote]

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Badges, what badges.? Wee don' need no stinkin' badges.

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It's not illgall to download it if you have the orignal program and registeration number.

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You can actually ring microsoft to request a replacement CD of whichever one damaged. I'm not too sure of the pone number but you will have to search on the microsoft website

Hope this helps


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