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does anybody here know if i can have my laptop send files through our wireless network over to my desktop and from desktop to laptop? also does any body know how to have my laptop print stuff on the printer if it is connected to the network computer (my dads). we do not have a print server just a router. my dad says that i can print stuff on my computer to our printer only if his computer and printer is on. we have a netgear router if that helps any. thanks for the help guys.

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In order to do what you want, you will either replace the current non-wireless router with a wireless one or add a wireless access point to your wired network.

Without a print server, your dad's computer can set the printer as a shared resource. You can then use the printer, but only when his computer is on.

If you do set up a wirteless network, make sure to utilize all the security features.

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Yeah, get your wireless network encrypted so other people can't hack into it. My dad's friend, (the one that used WD-40 on his computer 😂 ) went down his street with his laptop and was able to get into people's wireless networks because they wern't protected.

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