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I have been using FS9 since it was released and over a period of time deleted most of the "Heavies" from the program leaving mostly smaller GA default aircraft and loading up on the Military Aircraft I enjoy far more than the boring people haulers.

Having said that, I am now wanting to reinstall the default heavies and get more AI traffic back in the program. So my question(s) are: (1) If I run the install program it will require an uninstall first and then reinstalling. . .is that going to delete everything including the hundreds of addon sceneries (custom) and aircraft I've added? (2) If it will, can I simply copy those directories to a CD and then copy them back into the program after the new installation? (3) What other option do I have beyond what I've suggested here?

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It should leave any add ons but to be on the safe side I would back up your add on collection to cd(allways handy, you never know whats around the corner)

Good luck

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Tomthetank's right, but to make sure, backup your...

Aircraft folder
Gauges folder
Effects folder

That should keep you backed up 😉

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I've already backed up my Effects, Gauge, and Sound files but my Aircraft file is 2.6gig and I don't have a DVD burner.
I'm just going to have to devote an evening to burning 4 or 5 disks (CDR's) of Aircraft.
As far as loading FS9 over itself I did that a long time ago, the reason why escapes me but it work without any problems.



Thanks guys!

I appreciate your help and I'll let ya know how this turns out. Gonna dive into it as soon as I get home tonight after work. 🙄


Well, aside from having to rework the scenery layers in the library to get the hard work to show up again, everything else seems to have remained untouched.

Thanks again for the help.

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Keep forgetting to login first, lol.

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