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Announcement for Omega-Air Virtual Airlines

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Like everyone else, I am making a premature announcement.

I am announcing the formation of Omega-Air Virtual Airlines. This VA is a bit different. It is a contractor for a number of government agencies like the CIA, MI6, NATO, etc. Its flights (missions) are quite varied and in all parts of the world.

Flights range from standard airline routes to interesting places with little twists like the requirement to arrive at a specific gate so one or more of your passengers can be met by armoured limos. You may also fly a GA craft to an unusual location to aid in the escape of a political prisoner. Or, you may elect to ferry a military aircraft to an ally. And there will be other challenges as well.

I've obtained some automated pilot report (PIREP) software and will put that in place when the web site is ready. I may also incorporate FSPassengers VA reporting scripts for those who use FSP. I anticipate that at some point, there will be some Vatsim flying, but online flying is not a requirement.

Since the domain is less than 2 hours old and the web site is only an empty shell ( a template) less that 30 minutes old, don't expect to find anything at yet.

Any suggestions are welcome and you can either post them here or email info<at>omega-air<dot>org. (Just have to keep email addresses away from web harvesting bots.)

When appropriate, an announcement will be made that we are accepting pilots and personnel for various positions in the organization. There will be considerable structure, but the whole idea is to provide a chance to fly the planes you enjoy to interesting parts of the world.

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