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do fs2004 have radom failers or do u have 2 have a add on for this. i know u can set a failer to happen but thats not relistic.
i never had a radom 1 and just woundering do they happen?

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You can get FSpassengers ➡ (Payware) ➡

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Greekman72 wrote:

You can get FSpassengers ➡ (Payware) ➡

Gotta give you credit, Greekman. As a 'foreign' speaker of English you did a pretty good job in deciphering that post.
I had to read your reply before I understood the original topic. ------......------ I was just going to ask you what kind of dictionary you used for this particular post, but no, I won't. I know you like to keep your secrets Whistle

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You can set random system and instrument failures in the stock MSFS 2004 program. You can also set failures to happen between two time periods; such as lose an engine between 5 and 30 min. The payware recommended in previous posts is better and more detailed but you can do alot with just the stock program.

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