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does any 1 have a340 pro and does any 1 have the prob where the wuto pilot just decides it wants 2 go up and stall the plane?

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Yeah, PSS had some trouble with that in their Airbus series. One thing is make sure your flight level is not above the maximum allowed calculated by the MCDU. That's sure to stall you 😉 .

Aside from that, the only remedy I've found (on their A319 series) is to let the computer fly the plane up to about FL 280 or FL 380, then set it to fly on vertical-speed for a while. If you set the VS at about +700 fpm you should be able to keep it from stalling. If it still seems to be struggling, then set it at +500 fpm. It may be slow going, and somewhat annoying to babysit the plane during that last stage of climb, but the VNav logic on the planes is a little weak on their own.

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