FMC Can't Turn LNAV on

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Hi I set my plan into the FMC but during the flight I had to save the flight plan and the game and when I came back to it later I loaded up the flight plan into the FMC but for some reason I couldn't turn LNAV on, it says it isn't on the intercept heading. How can I correct this?

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It probably thought you were trying to fly from waypoint one. Since that's the case according to the FMC, the intercept heading would be a 180 from the direction you were going. Go into the "LEGS" page and click on the waypoint in your legs list that you are heading towards. It should have copied that to the scratchpad. Now simply go to the first line - of the first page - of the legs page and click there. It will now fly direct to the waypoint you desire, and update the list accordingly.

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