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Planning to buy MSFS but dont want to buy it if it doesnt work on my computer. Will a graphics/video card already be installed on mine, here are my spec's below.


Anyone know if it will work on my pc?

Item No. Description Quantity Unit Price Net
210-15090 Dimension 1100 Celeron 335 (2.80GHz, 533) 1
200-34957 List D11117 Dimension 1100~D11117 Dimension 1100 1
310-10191 256MB RAM FREE - Double Memory Promo~256MB RAM FREE - Double Memory Promo 1
340-13108 Doc Dimension 1100 ENG/UK Cord~English - Documentation with UK Power Cord 1
370-11175 512MB (2x256) Dual Channel DDR400 1
385-10354 3.5" Floppy Drive~3.5in 1.44MB USB Floppy Drive 1
400-12156 160GB (7200rpm) IDE Hard Drive~160GB (7200rpm) IDE Hard Drive 1
429-11154 Sonic S/W - DVD/RW+R 1
429-11368 Cyberlink PowerDVD 5.1 1
429-12053 16X. DVD +/- RW 1
480-13141 UK - 15in (E156FP) Value FP MG~FP/MG - UK/Irish - 15in (E156FP TCO99) Value Midnight Grey Flat Panel 1
520-10245 Altec Lansing ADA215 speakers UK - MG 1
530-10559 V.92 Data Fax Modem UK 1
570-10088 Mouse Pad with Dell Logo 1
570-10236 Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Entry Mouse~Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Entry Mouse 1
580-11527 USB KEYBOARD UK MG 1
619-10687 English - Win XP SP2 Home~English - Win XP SP2 Home 1
630-10933 MS Works 7 -- UK~English - Microsoft Works 7.0 1
640-10270 AOL 8, BT + Tiscali UK ISP 1
640-10339 English - Paint Shop Photo Standard Album 1
640-10340 English - Paint Shop Pro Try and Buy 8.0 1
640-10399 English - Adobe Reader 6.0 1
640-10401 Dell Support 3.0 - Eng Only 1
640-10413 DMX Dell Media Experience 3.0~Dell Media Experience 3.0 1
650-10392 English - Norton Internet Securities 90 day~English - Norton Internet Securities 90 day 1
680-10654 1y CAR Parts cost 1
680-13609 Svc Basic 3Y NBD, 30day online MM Training 1
680-13999 90 Day Collect and Return Service 1
706-10390 MultiMedia training - Go to to register 1
706-10482 Windows XP Beginner e-Learning ¿ 60-day license ¿ En/Fr/De/Es/It versions~PROMO MS Windows XP
Beginner - 60-day license - En/Fr/De/Es/It - Go to to register
800-10122 Dimension Order 1
815-10000 Dummy Promo Mod for DI & IN Online Promotions 1

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The CPU is very good, the ram is good but the more you have the better off you are. One gig would be excellent.
I can't find anything about a video card, you may have an integrated card but usually they're listed.
Call the company and find out what you have.
It may tell you in your device manager, I can't be positive I've al;ways bought computers with separate cards.


rk007 Guest

Thanks for your reply, I contacted Dell tonight and were very helpful, they said I have a sounds card, network card and a graphics card. He said the graphics card is the video card and gave me its spec:

Can you go to that link and go to the first column from left (my computer) and go to graphics card section and the question mark and just verify this is what I will need.

Many thanks

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tomthetank Chief Captain

The site lists the options available for that model PC
Do as Radar said,check in your drvice manager
Click Start,Control Panel,System,Hardware,Device Manager and then Display adapters
Click the + sign and it should give you the type of GFX card or chip

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I think it looks like you do have an integrated card. See how the sim looks to you and how many FPS (Frames Per Second) you get and let us know.
We can help you chose a new card if they are low or you can just keep the one that's "built in" if it's any good.


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