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A new photo has popped up in the photo gallery, looks interesting... tell us what you think guys - comments are required:

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Does the yoke rotate? I see there are hydralic dampers so maybe it will be less "springy" than my CH yoke. If you can adjust the height of the yoke portion to match the height of an aircraft yoke, it will be good. What about an aux bracket to attach a throttle quadrent? Send more pictures!

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Great looking, if you can keep it under $200.00 you'll knock the joystick market out. Anyone willing to spend $80 for a stick will be happy to get this for $200.
Keep the buttons as close to thumbs reach as possible, height adjustable, USB.
Change that color, more neutral, putty, champagne, dark gray, black, white anything but bright blue.

Force feedback is not necessary, if you want to make a second one that has it, fine maybe it can also be used for auto racing, I have a FF Sidewinder wheel.

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