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My specs, will I be able to run it?

JTaplin Guest

Hi all,

I used to be a hardcore fan of the flight sim genre, but have since been attracted by other games. I was just surfing the net and ran across Flight Simulator 2004 and was blown away at how far these games have come along!!

However my computer is about 2 years old and im afraid it won't be able to play the game it all its grandure. I looked at the specs on the Microsoft site and they are pretty low, but I don't want to play the game and have it look bad.

My specs are rather low by todays standards:
AMD 1.2 Ghz Processor
NVIDIA Geforce 2 Ultra
60 GB Harddrive (7 available)

What do you guys think? Thanx for the help.


im afraid it won't be able to play the game it all its grandure

You would not be able to play the game in all it's grandeur, but you probably would be able to play it at a minimum eye candy level.

Are you using Windows XP or 98?
If you are using XP, I wouldn't try it without doubling the memory, as XP will use up half of that 256 megs by itself.
FS2004 is a resource and memory hog like you wouldn't believe.

Are you saying that you have a 60 gig. hard drive with only 7 gigs of free space left? If that is the case, I would not put FS2004 on it. Your hard drive would be so full you would probably not even be able to defrag it properly.

FS2004 will use up over 2 gigs of space with the default install.

With that system as is, my opinion would be, go for FS 2002, which as far as flying the airplanes is concerned is not really that much different from FS 2004.

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AMD 1.2 Ghz Processor

I'm running it with a P-4-1.5, and it runs fine, your ok there.


Bounce it up to 512mb, ram is cheap, especially if your running XP-Home. W-ME is worse.
NVIDIA Geforce 2 Ultra

The card should do it but you won't be able to "max" out the graphics and you probably will have low FPS. (frames per second).
60 GB Harddrive (7 available)

With only 7gig left you'll be waiting a long time for it to launch, it needs quite a bit of a load and of course free space to run.
Maybe you can use some of your other games at other than full load. Many will run well with minimum load, FS9 won't.

You of course could always buy another H/D and make this the slave.

All in all you will run it but as for adding downloads, not enough space and your FPS will be low, but how can you resist it.
Amazon has it for $30 and a $20 rebate WOW!

Good luck, I hope you get it and let us know. 👍


JTaplin Guest

Hey thanks for the replies guys. I looked at the website for some more RAM and storage. I am thinking about buying a 80gig external hardrive($160) and 512megs DDR RAM memory($77).

So that would bring my system up to:

AMD 1.2 Ghz Processor
512MB DDR RAM (Can I still keep the 256? or would I have to swap them?)
60 GB harddrive (will only be used for system files & FS 2004)
80 GB external (used for MP3s, everything else)
NVIDIA Geforce 2 Ultra

As you can see I am willing to go to great lengths to play these excellent looking game. What do you guys think? Maybe someone could send me a screenshot of the game running these specs(or close to them).

Thanx again!

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Sounds like a plan.
Why don't you check your M/B specs to see if you can load both sticks in. I can't see why not but then again I'm not familiar with AMD.
As for screen shots that all depends on the video card and the drivers that your using.
The improvements that you want to make are for running the Sim not for "looks".
If you want to see some screen shots we have a super forum full of them right here.

Check at these two sites about your board. See if they have a toll free number.

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a couple of questions:

Is that an AMD Duron 1.2 (200fsb) or is it the AMD Athlon Tbird (266fsb)

If it is the Duron, it is a low end AMD and not much of a processor as far as this Flight Sim is concerned and it is a long long way from the P4 @ 1.5 gigs that was mentioned above. If that is the case, I would bet you might be happier with FS2002.

Also, why would you buy an external 80 gig. hard drive for $160.00 when you could buy an internal 80 gig. IDE drive for half of that? Just curious... 🙄 you only mentioned one hard drive in the machine.

You didn't mention if you are using Windows XP or 98.
If you are using Windows 98, you could just get another 256 meg. stick of memory as Windows 98 cannot manage any more than 512.
XP on the other hand can manage all you can throw at it.

Good luck

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