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I am wondering whether or not to purchase "LunarPilot" the simulator of the Moon simulator for fs2004. I have seen the adverts many a time which logging onto AVSIM and today decided to check out the website,

I dont know if anyone else already has this and could give me a personal review but it appears some what of a novelty and something I could loose interest in quickly.

The package comes with the LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle) used by NASA pilots in the 1960s, aswell as a what looks like a whole fictional city addon including some huge building which a re-creation of the moons surface inside it and the same level of gravity as on the moon.

Well, that is what I could make out from the screenshots I have seen but the offical website isnt very helpfull and I havn't been able to find anything else.

Please, fellow simmers of the world, enlighten me with your knowlage!

Here are some screenies:


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I would seriously not get it, you will be sick of it within an hour!

IMO it just kind of trivialises Flight Sim. To be honest, I wouldn't even get it if it was free - it does not look like any fun or challenge whatsoever.

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