Problem with Autopilot and Radio

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Hello everyone, i have a problem with my autopilot and radios and sometimes the engine dials. The digits won't display, i have avionics on, everything all working as normal, i haven't changed any settings or done anything to it. Please help msn is manic_13(at)hotmail(dot)com

Regards, Mark

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can you give us some more information, such as plane set up?

Also try it in a different plane see if that helps.

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Tried it in every aircraft, deafult, Alphasim, PSS, Captain Sim, Freeware addons. Usually i start with engines running and everything, usually works just now it doesn't want to work. The normal displays work, just the digits on the radios and autopilot.

Regards, Mark

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have you got the latest version of directx and have you changed your graphics drivers recently?

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I managed to sort it thanks, just rebooted my machine and it all worked.

Thanks Anyway

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