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I download the Ifly744 which can be found here

I took it for a short flight and loved it. I promtly sent an email to one of the designer's saying what a lovely bird she is. Thinking I wouldn't get a reply for god know's how long.

When I got home tonight and opened up my inbox there it was a reply I was quite shocked really. Here's the reply he sent

Hi Steve;

We are very glad to know you like iFly744! It was ever so nice of you to
give us support! Thank you!

Jiangwei Shen

So at the end of the day if you download a peice of scenery or aircraft and you like it why not send them an e-mail to thank them for the product. I know I will be.

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I had a simular experiance. A note of appreciation is probably a welcome comunication as I assume most of the feed back is requests for changes or compliants. I for one am asstounded at the quantity and quality of freeware available. Clap

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Very Gently and kindly movement for you Liono.And i think it can expanded in general in ourlives.

Gongratulations. Clap

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