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Mad Hi, I recently installed the Yoke (CH products flight simulator) and the throttle worked fine only for a while then it stopped responding well. In other words when I put it at full throttle it only goes up a bit and the same when I pull the throttle to idle it stays at low. I recallibrated everything and the problem is still there. Is it the computer or the game itself that is causing the problem? How do I fix it? Thanks a lot.


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Was there any installation software that came with the yoke? If so just unintall all the software and drivers that you had to install for the yoke. Disconnect the yoke, re-start your computer and try reinstalling the yoke again. Anyone else have any ideas? I take it that it is a USB device....?

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I have the same yoke. Make sure your throttle sensitivity is set to max and that the Null zone is very small or even zero, in the controller setup in flight sim. Disconnect any other controller that may be conflecting with the CH yoke.

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While on the subject, how are the CH joysticks? I haven't been so pleased with my Logitech force feedback model, and CH appears to stress, in their marketing at least, build quality and durability; I'm also drawn to the functional, restrained external design. But the CH jobs cost more than the similar (feature-wise) Logitech/Saitek models. Does CH cover the fundamentals better than the two more well-known companies? Is operation smooth and predictable?


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I am very happy with my CH Flight Yoke, Throttle Quadrant and rudder pedals. The are very realistic and have more buttons than I need. I still use a joystick for helicopters and aerobatics. Operation is smooth and feels more realistic than a joy stick. The feel is light but works well. 🙂

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I have the CH yoke and pedals. Took a bit of re-learning to use them, but I wouldn't be without them. The CH throttle quadrant is on order and should be delivered late this week or early next week.

There was an excellent post recently on setting the yoke up, but for the life of me, I can't remember who posted it. I printed it out so I'd never lose it. If I find the link, I'll post it.


hey abdul, make sure you aint got another joystick or the likes still plugged in. It happened to me the other day! haha

i must say im very impressed with this yoke! i think ill get the pedals next. get em off they are the cheapest and u can have em next day in the uk for £5. quality

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i just recieved my pedals and yoke today and after flightsimming for 21 years this really is as good as it gets, with a brand new pc and these controllers i am over the moon with them. 😀

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