Merry Christmas!!!

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I don't know why but Xmas for this year doesn't feel like it is supposed to do like it did last year if you know what i mean. I don't feel excited or anything and am thinking it as a normal day!



P.S Anyone else feel like this. - any way Merry Christmas to all members here at Flyaway!

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Merry Christmas to you Steve and try to enjoy them ❗ Think that you are healthy and strong and have all of your life in front of you....cause there are others in worst position than most of us. Crying or Very sad

Yes its a normal day like all the others and we must be happy that its normal and not bad.I think you get what i mean my friend... ❗

Best wishes ❗ ❗ ❗

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Merry Christmas to all ye Simmers!

I personally feel less "Christmasy" than last year- mabe it is because of all that "Its Holidays, NOT Christmas!" stuff. 😞

I am a bit exited to have a computer capable of running FS for the first time in a year! 😀

And it is fun to give presents to people 😛

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Merry Christmas everyone, ho ho ho!! 😂

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