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Heres a little quiz! 😳 Lets see If you guys can get some of these answers right.

1. What is a spin? What causes it and how do you recover.

2. What is a stall? What are the two types? How do you recover from both?

3. What four factors cause left turning tendency? What type of aircraft experience this?

4. What speed is represented by Vx (Not the actual speed, what it represents)

5. What speed is represented by Va (Again, not the actual speed)

Lets see how you guys do.....


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LOL. Nothing at all? Cmon, these are supposed to be easy!

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Two types of stall? I think you will find that there are four types of stall

1. Departure
2. Secondary
3. Incipient
3. Quasi

As for the rest of the "quiz" i think i will pass as Christmas dinner has taken its toll on me.
😂 😂 😂

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