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Hopefully, we're all allowed one 'dumb' question here. This one's mine...

How do I take a screenshot while in FS2004? I can't find the key anywhere. I've searched google, here, and in the game and can't find it anywhere. Is it as simple as hitting the Print Screen key?

Also, where are the screens located? Ok, that's my 2nd 'dumb' question. Please, don't take away the keys to my plane! 😞 My poor Air King would be very lonely without me.

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We all have to learn sometime.
If you hit Screen Print you get 1 shot on your clipboard.
If you use this free app (I use it) you can take as many as you want as jpegs and they go directly to a folder that you make.

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😳

If you don't have a way to size, crop or work on your screenshots, this is an excellent free program.


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I kind of thought that it might be the Print Screen key, but didn't see any files created. Thanks for the link to ScreenHunter. That app will come in very handy shortly. Already have it installed and configured.

I already have apps like Paint Shop Pro (a very old version) for resizing; so that's no problem there.

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