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Ello Peeps,

I have been using FSpassengers for a while now - its ace, but there is just 1 thing that I am struggling to work out......

I am finding that I am unable to predict arrival times at destinations......I am instead landing early and getting no bonus for it. I have only
ever landed on time once, and that was a fluke.

Any tips on calculating flight times? I have tried the nav log, but that does not take into account taxi times and climb and descent times.

I am flying an Airbus 319-100


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A simple way i use ,is the following ➡

Distance / Average speed x 60(minutes)= total flight hour(to minutes)

Then if my departure port is a big(more traffic one taxiways)i add some extra minutes 10'-15' and i also add about 5' for the final approach manouvre.If its a small one i add about 3-5' only if i have to taxi.If i have choose Runway to start my flight i dont add any time.
A simple way to see in flight if you are close to your flight time or you have delay is to check in your GPS ETE(down right)This is the remainig time to your destination according to the speed you have this moment.

I also cheat Embarassed when i have a lot more time than my GPS shows.For example if i have plant my destination in 01:30 and the GPS ETE is 01:15 i decrease a litle my speed Embarassed 😉 and the difference getting smaller... Banned

This is a simlpe and not the best way...but im on trying to improve my method... 😉

Im open too ,to further suggestionS cause im a newbie too in FSP. 😉

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Thanks for that greekman.

Actually, scareily enough, I have just done Charles de Gaulle to Luton and landed within the 4 min capture for ontime landings.....again another fluke :p

I will give your theory a go 🙂


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