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is there any way to put everything on auto pilot and fly from on destination to the other

if there then what??

like i can press F4 and then plane will take off what buttons should i press next

is it possible??

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I would expect that it is possible, especially when you are in the air.

If you are flying an ILS approach and can take instructions from the ATC then you should be fine.

I (and a few others on here) wouldn't recommend take-off on AP.

If you can get into the air and level out and then follow the directions from ATC then I recommend the following post that will hopefully allow you to land. It has helped me ALOT.


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Air planes are not designed to takeoff and land by themselves. Some can auto land but none within MSFS 2004. You can load you flight plan into the GPS. Turn on the autopilot shortly after takeoff and turn it off 200-500 ft. AGL at destination.

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I can never figure out how to load my flight plane into the GPS so teh Auto pilot can follow it, How is this done or where can i find out how

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It's hard to describe all the steps in this forum. Go to the Flight Simulator Learning center and look under GPS. I will try to put together a short keyboard sequence just in case you still need help. I don't use the GPS flight plans very much. I'll have to look it up. 🙂

OK, Go to flight planner within the top menu. Select your flight plan elements. Save flight plan. Load flight plan. When you go back to your cockpit, hit FPL on GPS and the flight plan should be there. 😉
Whew! I should get paid for this stuff. 🙂


I guess none of you have bought a quality payware addon. Most all of them have autoland. The PMDG 744 and 737, the LDS 767 and many others come to mind.

In the realworld, its a requirement that pilots have to make a certain number of autolands every month to stay current.

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That's only true in certain aircraft and only some ILS's that are CAT III approved. Some airports don't even have a CAT III approved ILS. International arrival airports usually do have CAT III but many other airports do not. Most airline aircraft and pilots in the US don't execute CAT III auto land. CAT III approval requires more maintenance and training. In the US, it was determined that the weather that requires a auto land does not occur frequently enough to warrant the extra cost, for most of the fleet. 767, 747, 777 that fly internationally, do execute CAT III but that's a small number compared to the whole airline. I would love to use a add on program with auto land. I was only saying that stock MSFS 2004 does not have auto land. Check out this previous post for a add on program for auto land.

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You can add the autoland feature to aircraft by adding a panel that has the feature on it
The greg737 panel has it

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Dont take off with AP! I did that once with a 747 full of people and the nose rose up at 100kts and the rear hit the ground. Not a pretty sight 😂

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Mustangfreak wrote:

Dont take off with AP! I did that once with a 747 full of people and the nose rose up at 100kts and the rear hit the ground. Not a pretty sight 😂

Yeah, I flew a 747 into the main terminal at SeaTac once trying to take off on A/P. It was trying to turn and follow the GPS course instead of following the runway!


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I am confused as to why you would want to miss out on the two major events that take place in flying!?!?
Except for that occasional #%@$bird🙄
I guess I look at it as that the whole point of being a good pilot, is to be able to launch something so heavy that it should not be able to fly, into the air, and gently bring it back down where you want it. Maybe i'm wrong.

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