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Can a plane stall this way?

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Yesterday, I flew a 6 hour flight on vatsim in a C130. Fortunately, the flight was in antarctica so there wasn't an ATC anywhere near to see what happened.

I'd flown from McMurdo Station and was about 20 miles from Palmer Station, getting ready to land. Something didn't seem right so I took a peek from the spot plane view (which I usually don't do). I noted the A/C's nose was a bit high so I trimmed her down a bit when the plane dropped its left wing and then turned straight down into the water. While I had turned altitude hold off, I was still on nav hold with the AP and I couldn't switch views fast enough to shut it off and take full control.

My best guess is that I'd let the airspeed drop and that the plane stalled. It's just that I'd never seen a plane stall in this manner. Has anyone seen something similar?

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You entered a spin. The plane fully stalled, and the left wingt dropped. They are hard to recover from If you dont know what to do. I was tought this phrase when learning to fly:


P - Power Idle

A - Ailerons Neutral

R - Opposite Rudder (Opposite the direction of the spin)

E - Down elevator

If you notice a wing drop during a stall, never try to recover with Ailerons. You will enter a spin. I learned the hard way on one of my first lessions. 😂

Don Wood Guest

It sounds as if you inadvertantly let airspeed decay to an unacceptable level, however, you should have gotten a stall warning as that occured. Maybe you did not get it because you were in the plane view mode.

As far as the wing dropping, that is quite common in stalls of any but very simple airplanes. Had you been higher when it happened it could have developed into either a death spiral or a spin but your altitude did not allow time for that to happen.

You should not need the plane view to diagnose problems such as this if they occur again. You certainly would not have it in the real world. Pay attention to your instruments - especially the airspeed indicator and the rate of climb indicator to prevent either approach stalls or overspeed landings.

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Ewww....Have some typos in that post.

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It was Chrismas day and there was too much going on in the room. An elephant could have sat on the plane and escaped my attention. 😞

I suspect you are right. Bad me!


If you heard that I get cranky over mis-spelling, don't worry. It's the intentional ones I get annoyed about, and not the accidental ones. 😉

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