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At random times, when i am on the ground, the plane (s) pull severly to the left. i read something that this is the gyro of the props pulling the plane, but it is so bad that i cannot correct it. i cant take off (cant keep it on the runway), cant taxi, nothing. i pretty much started from scratch with FS04 about 3 weeks ago, i have completed my solo lesson and that is all so far. still getting acquainted with aricraft and using all the correct controls to fly. anyone have any suggestions? btw, i am using the saitek x52 joystick/throttle.

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Sounds like a controller problem. Check you control assignments, set to default.

1. Disconnect your controller and use only the keyboard
2. Try a different (simple) joystick
3. Use your controllers but pay close attention to the assignments.
You have many buttons on your controller, one may be sending
[left rudder]
4. Calibrate your controllers-again.
5. I know this sounds dumb but make sure weather is clear, no wind.

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i will try doing all that! ive already tried increasing the null areas and resetting the defaults, and neither worked. this just started happening today, which is wierd. i used to be able to go straight!

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