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What kind of headset to get?

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I have ATC simulator 2 and I was curious on what kind of headset to get to use instead of typing in commands? Does anyone know what kind to get and where I can get them? Thanks.

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madbrit Guest

Try and search for 'pc headsets & mics'. They start around $20.

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Jared Captain

madbrit or anyone which one of the headsets offf of can you recommend. I was looking at this one
Would I be capibale of using this for ATC simulator? Would I even be able to use this for FS9? THanks/

madbrit Guest

I can't recommend one make or model specifically but any of them around that price should be suitable.

Ideally you should be able to plug the headphone jack into an auxilliary speaker output otherwise you need to keep changing over between speakers and headset. The mic plugs into the mic input. If they are not close together, or you use the headphone socket on your speakers, you'll need to get an extension cable for one of them and possibly two extensions if you have to connect into the soundcard or mobo back panel.

Remember, with only a single earpiece you do lose most of the stereo effect.

I use a Labtec model that I received free from AOL as part of a deal they ran a couple of years ago for Voice Recognition software. Works fine and I use it for FS with VoxATC and for online voice/video connections in MSN Messenger.

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