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ATC instructing me to maintain unrealistically low altitude

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Flying the PMDG 747 in FS2004 today, I loaded up my FMC flightplan as well as my FS Planner flightplan. I contacted ATC who told me to climb to an initial height of 13000ft, which I did, and the FMC then took me through the rest of the flight and got me to my destination.

But the problem was that ATC never told me to climb above 13000. As I contacted the various centres, they even eventually told me to descend in fact! Anyways, I ignored ATC and climbed to my cruise height of FL270. But ATC kept bugging me throughout the whole flight to descend. I even asked for an altitude increase to FL270, and they told me to descend to 13000 and expect FL270. But the instuction for FL270 never came. Surely it won't come to selecting a VFR flight for a 747 to stop ATC bugging me!

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance...

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Ditch the horrible default ATC and fly online! Wink

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The default ATC will only give you clearence to a higher alt if you are below what you are asking for
So if you had managed to get down to 13000 before having your flightplan cancelled Mad th default atc would have given you the clearance

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