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Im looking to buy a throttle for FS2004 but im only willing to spend about £40. I need a real cheapy one so if anyone could give me any links on throttles around that price - that would be great!

Thanks so much in advance!


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I think nobody has replied yet because nobody wants to bring bad news.
It is unlikely that you'll get throttles and/or yokes for this kind of money. They have to be built of sturdy materials and its a niche-market, these and other factors push the price up.

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the cheapest throttle i know of(i know u will hate this)is $169. now im sure there are cheaper ones but good luck trying to find one cheap.

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$140 on with free shipping.

As low as $123 elsewhere without free shipping.

I can vouch for's reliability, but don't know about other sites.

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i got my yoke on amazon for $104.99 😛

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