What Joystick?


Hi all, just bought a copy of FS2002 and would appreciate any recomendations!

Thank you.

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Sell it and buy FS2004! 😂

Just kidding! What exactly are you looking for?


Sorry wasn't very clear was I?

I'm looking for advice regarding joysticks. I want to purchase one on recomendation. But heres the clincher!!!!

I'm Left handed!!! Most sticks tend to have the thumb rest which makes them unuseable to freeks like me!

Any help greatly appreciated


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Go to a store and check out this brand, they make some of the best.
The higher the price wirh them the better the stick.
The X52 is the best.



Thank you I will give it a go!


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In case you've missed it:

Customizable head and stick enables left- and right-handers to find their optimum gaming position

Taken from here ➡

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