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the game is looking impressive so far. running it on very high graphic settings at the moment. might have to consider dropping some graphics to boost performance slightly 😞 does have a tendency to stutter sometimes, which is surprising given the spec of my system.

its a very complicated game compared to what i have used previously. probably better though for realism

i have a question about the game. when the autopilot is disengaged, it either throws the nose up or down very quickly. this occurs in lessons as well. how do i avoid this?

with the 747, what is the best way to take off? it says u should raise nose to 10degrees but that cant be right because the plane overspeeds if you do that. surely best practise would be to raise to 20, then gradually work your way to 10. how would the 737 and 777 vary?

i also find the 747 very difficult to control. to adjust the pitch requires a considerable amount of numpad 2 & 8 holding down. the 737 and 777 are not as bad but still annoying. the old FS games however, it is relatively easier to control the pitch. it is more responsive. with 2004 however, you hold down numpad 8 and the nose is still drifting upwards, takes ages to lower.

are there no flying lessons relating to the 747 and 777? just so it would help me get a feel about the best way to handle them?

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I think i speak for a lot of people when i say this. Welcome to the flight simulation world firstly. Secondly start with the basics. If you dont have a solid general knowledge of flight and how aircraft perform take the lessons that are provided in the flight simulator. Learn about the basics such as trim control and basic cirucuit work.
Dont rush yourself, take your time and gradually work your way up. Many of us on this site have been using flight simulators for years and it is only after many many hours of hard work that we can operate 747's properly and effectively. So as i say start of with the basics if you want to be able to do the harder things.

FS2004 is a huge piece of simulation software and does require a very good computer for ultra high settings. The vast amount of textures to be loaded and rendered tends to be the biggest factor. You will probably find that you get better Frames Per second when flying smaller aircraft compared to that of the heavy jets.

There may be a number of reasons as to why the aircraft suddenly pitches up or down when you disengage the autopilot. I would hazzard a guess to say that you are out of trim when you are disengaging the autopilot. Try setting the trim to neutral, disengage the autopilot, counterbalance the pitch effect with the elevator then set the trim to hold.

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It sounds as though you're flying without a flightstick.
If you have any money left, buy one - things will start getting easier straight away.

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im using a CH PRoducts Flight Sim Yoke right now. i love it. it costs $104.99(US)on 😀

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A joystick is a must for the simulator. Yeah, and strat with the small planes, don't rush it; you'll more enjoy the bigger ones once you aquire knowledge about the basics of flying.

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