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STOL Scottish Aviation "Twin Pioneer"

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I would be interested to know if anybody can give me any guidance on takeoff and landing STOL aircraft.

I wonder whether it should have full flap out for both takeoff and landing but I am not at all clear as to the recommended angle of descent.

I note that when I land the aircraft at what would be the normal according to the Glide Slope Indicator I tend to lose control just before touch down and dig a hole in the runway.

I have only flown a couple of times in an STOL aircraft - landing and taking off from St Barts in the Caribbean and I noted that the approach tended to be at quite a steep angle, followed by a sharp flare out and then immediate reverse pitch as the wheels touched. I admit that one of the approaches to the strip was over a saddle in the hills around 500ft up and the plane came down at a near 45 degree angle as the end of the runway was right at the bottom. The aircraft was a "Twin Otter".

Glad to hear of any guidance.

rgds and New Year Greetings to all.

anglo Guest

Sounds like you got the approach at St Barts about right.

Even real world pilots get that one wrong occasionally, sometimes with fatal results.

Full flap take offs can result in a sudden and unexpected return to earth! Try using just one notch or at most two for take off. Some panels even give you indicators for where the flaps should be for both take off and landing.

Full flap landings ensure that when you hit the ground you're gonna stay there! Maybe a notch up from full on approach, and full as you cut the throttle on landing. That way you get a chance to go around if the ATC say so!

Try the PZL Wilga, a Helio Courier, a Maule and the Twin Pioneer for aircraft that can take off and land on a tennis court. Landing speed in the Wilga is about 40 knots! Often slower!!

Good Luck

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Thanks for your response, will look into the one you suggest.

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