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VA Started Need Some Help

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I'm starting my VA, but before I do that I need your help.
I need someone willing to repaint the default Boeing 737-400 & Boeing 747-400 in to my paint scheme, I need A Vice President to help manage my website, and most importantly of all I Need PILOT'S.

E-Mail me if you can help:

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I'm available 😀

As for the painting, I'd be more than happy to do the Project Opensky 744. The only problems are:

1. You want default Aircraft
2. I'm 99.99% sure the Family Airlines logo is , and I don't think there's contact info for the airline. Although, check some websites - over the years that the airline was out of service, I'm sure they didn't renew the 's, so the logo may be uncopyrighted.

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I hired Clayton Locher as Vice President. He's going to repaint the aircraft and setup the website. But if you can I can't remember if Project Opensky had the Boeing 747-100, but if they did can you repaint it in Family Airlines.
I also found this:

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I'm creating a new position for my airline it is: President of Advertising for the Airline.
As the website is being setup and the fleet painted, please advertise for the airline.
E-Mail me if you would like the job at:
Please visit our temporary website at:

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Four positions have opened up for Family Virtual Airlines.
Check out my temporary website at:

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