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I still cannot figure out how to look to the left and right when in the cockpit on my laptop!! I cannot find the numpad lock key or the numpad keys themselves - will i able to see tom TTTs Project wing view again??? - those who have got ttts Project Wing View will know what i mean.

I need help!

Thanks in advance!

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Can you not go into assignments, and change the view assignments so they correspond to keys other than the number keys, or am I missing something ❓


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What brand of laptop is it? On my HP, I use "Fn" key + "F8", but I think each laptop is different. George

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

well mine is a compaq


Whats wrong with a hat-switch?

Dont tell me you fly with the keyboard?!?! 😳
If you can. I admire you 😂

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