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Ok guys got a few questions.

When im flying a Airbus A320/A321 or Boeing 737/757 what should my V1, rotate and V2 speeds be?

Do the speeds vary on the amoutn of fuel im carrying and passengers? (Using FS Passengers)

How do i know how much fuel to carry?

How do i know how long it will take to get to a destination?

Hope this isnt to much trouble.

Thanks in advance,


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This is an answer from 99jolegg

Hey Jamie,

First off, ignore the guest, he/she will learn to get a life soon

1) Your V speeds will differ every time you fly due to weather conditions and weight etc. Around 150 KIAS is roughly average though for the aircraft you are talking about, but as I said, it will vary.

2) Yep

3) Look at the FS flightplan, it will tell you how much fuel you will need, but add a bit more on, because I normally find I don't have enough just with FS flightplanner.

4) Again, look at your flightplan and see how long your flight will take. Otherwise, use the formula Time = Distance / Speed. Alternatively, look at the GPS, if your flightplan is in the GPS system because it will tell you how long to go until your next waypoint.

Hope it helps

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thanks for the help 🙂


In the PMDG 737/747, the FMC automatically works out the V1, V2 and VR speeds for you once you enter the takeoff weight and flap settings for you want.

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