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Hello out there....I haven't earned my wings yet but am totally hooked on FS2004!! I have a question...I would love to find a remote open area in the Rockies and create my own personal small airstrip with a couple rustic buildings and where I could hangar a couple planes and they'd always be there and it would be my default airstrip and it would be nice if ATC and GPS would recognize it...possible or am I just dreaming? I've looked at some sites and it looks like I have to buy or download some technical type design software to do this. I do well to get the planes in the air and back to earth safely...much less design stuff! Can anyone offer some advice?

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Sorry...Can't help there..but you probably will need to purchase that soft ware...Never heard of it myself,but it sounds cool...Let us know what you figure out...I'm sure others would like to do that too....

Happy flying......Mason

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Umm... You can build your own airstrip with Afcad 2
1st find your spot in the rockies then press Ctrl + Z together twice (first time gives you frame rate counter 2nd time will give you your co-ordinates.
Make a note of them and enter them in "make new airport" in Afcad 2
and you can add all manner of things eg ILS,lighting ,taxiways allsorts
D/load from AVSIM

Its only a small d/load and is one bit of kit every fs9 fan should have

Let us know how you get on and perhaps post a screenshot

Happy landings

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