problem with traffic 2004

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i tried to delete trafic 2004 off flight sim 04 to make room for traffic 2005, however for some reason on add or remove programmes it wont let me delete traffic 04. does anyone have any ideas how i can get the add on off the system to make room for the new traffic? thanks

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Start/search, hidden folders and files.

Feed in "traffic" or "2004" and some of them may be the ones you want, there will be others be careful.

Strange that the "add-remove" in the control panel wont do it.

You could read or join their forum and ask.


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😳 How did you uninstall?
If you click Start and navigate to Just flight/Traffic 2004,there is a uninstall option in there
Otherwise the Traffic2004 folder is in the main Fs9 folder(not recomended)

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