How to land a 747 on autopiolt

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Is this possible - very new to the game and would like to know if you can land with autopiolt on..

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I do not believe so, 😕...But here's the thing though, how good are you at flying the plane with the autopilot off? The 747 is my favorite aircraft, so I can help you out as much as i can, what I do is this...When i'm lined up with the runway, or am on the base leg of my approach, I will swich the autopilot off, and manually fly the plane to the landing, it usually works best this way, as you don't have to fight with the autopilot in the event that you are off a bit.

Well, i hope this helps, if you need more assistance, let me know!
Good Luck 😎

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Hello, Fire_Emblem_Master is right Auto pilot will not land any aircraft(an autoland system can be found on some d/loaded panels)
If you are using autopilot for an ILS approach,bring your speed down to 225 and start adding flaps,slowing down all the time to about 180 at 1000ft.switch off a/p and auto throttle and bring her down with a touchdown speed about 150/160 (dont forget to arm your speed brakes and auto brake system)
Your view is restricted in th 747 so use RadaRmans shift/enter for a better view(spacebar to reset)
It will take time to get it right everytime but thats part of the fun of fs9

Good luck & happy landings

nez Guest

although the autopilot can't land your plane by itself. You can use it for a lot of the approach. When I'm getting lined up with the runway I usually leave the altitude and speed autopilot on. This helps you concentrate more on getting lined up. Once the glide slope has started to move (if you know what that is) I take off the altitude too. I usually leave the speed on until the last part of my approach because it's easy to adjust. Hope this helps.

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An illegal way to do it is: Let the aircraft fly all the way to touchdown as soon as the aircraft touches,, WHAMMO!!! Hit the 'z' key and idle the engines!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Well Elkinallen, I must say I tend to land the 747 is a similar way although, I wouldn't leave the Autopilot on until I'd landed !

But I certainly let the AP fly the Glideslope right down to about 100 feet - then I hit the Z, get ready to Flare, and get ready for that magic F2 for Reverse Thrust.....

I agree with F_E_M, som planes are really enjoyable to hand-fly but I find these big irons a bit too unruly for that.... saying that the 737 NG is really sweet to fly (and land) by hand.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

yeah, they all are hard to hand fly, especially the heavy jets. But, you ought to try and fly the jet checkride by hand, it makes you sweat!

Elkin Guest

Right you are Ken! (Anyone watch MXC?! HA! HA!

If you want to go hard core: RFP has a BEEeeeutiful 747-200 that has a VERY realistic CAT IIIC auto-land system. It flares, chops power and and and...,,.! Yeah Bbay!!

Squawk 1200.

Elkin Guest

I have a very nice POSKY 747-200 with a great panel. It does not have auto land but, I set the weather to 1/6 mile vis and appraoch. As the radalt calls out 50 feet, I off the auto throttle, leave the AP on HDG, flare 3 degrees and,,, it works great!!!! It is quite something to feel the gear touch and not see the runway until the nose comes dow. It is great!!!

I was watching a film on Boeing testing at KBOE. They were doing CATII approaches where they come down to 50'. They were unable to deduce landing criteria so they TOGA'd. But by the time the throttles responded and the whale began climbing, it had allready touched down!!!! And then went up again! This was the best!!!

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