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i installed some new A340 planes on my comp and they look great but the problem is when i change views and load them it takes a long time and slows down alot...any ideas on what the problem is? my computer specs are P4 3ghtz, 512ram, ati 9600 256mb, onboard sound (ive tried turning off the sound in the game not much help). Thanks for any ideas on helping with the prob 😀

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try this little programme out called FS Autostart.

Abit of info

FSAutoStart gives the user the ability to automatically shutdown services and programs to provide as much resources to running today's most demanding games and applications. It also provides the ability to launch selected programs after the selected application is launched. Lastly, it can automatically restart those programs and services previously shutdown, thus bringing the computer back to its original state. It also adds performance enhancing options like Defragment Memory.

FSAutoStart was originally written for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but is flexible enough to handle any game or other demanding application that needs as much computer power as possible.

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Can you post your graphics settings for us to see and also try selecting performace settings in your ATI graphics set up suite and see if that gives your framerates a boost

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getting some more ram would probably help speed those transitions up too

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