Best Dash8 please?

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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me were to get the best download for the Dash 8 around? 🤔
Thanks in advance. Happy New Year To Everyone

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I don't know if it's the "best" but here are a nice choice of them. That Canadian one about 5th down looks good but no VC.


Moving this to aircraft forum later.

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search for their site on google.

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nice one 😀

thanks again 👍

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Just Flight do a Great payware one. I bought it. Good value for money. Everything included - Panel, VC, sounds, textures, Even some scenery for some of the main commuter airports thrown in!! Such as London city, Frankfurt Main, Milan, and Schipol. 5 variations of the Dash 8-300 and 12 variations of the Dash 8-Q300, Other cool things are the Load Editor, The panel Config tool and Six flight plans included. 😀

Visit for more details my friend!! You know you want it!! 😉

Tom 😎

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