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Just got my new Saitek X52 Game Controller

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My new game controller arrived this morning and all I can say OMG!

There are so many buttons on the TWO controllers. 38 to be precise, including a mouse and a LCD display giving you more information on joystick profiles for different players and games.

If you are looking at getting a new joystick then I would definately go for one of these!

Also, because there are so many buttons, can anyone give me an example of how they have get thier controller up for Flight Sim? I know that everyone is different, but there has surely got to be some similarties.


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Congratulations for you new Joystick Exclamation .Seems that its great Wink

I cant give you infos about such a great Joystick(i have a cheap Logitech-Attack3 one)but if i was in your place i would try to set it up by my own.I think that if you follow the calibration and set up infos and options it would be an easy and interesting procces. Wink

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It is my understanding that the Saitek X52 is not XP compatiably????????

Well that's what I've read and heard.
My 2pennyworth's


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Not so. But there can be some unexpected results. The solutions are here.

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hey i got 1 to for xmas how to i set up the MFD?

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