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Need Pilots & Fleet Painter for Sierra Pacific Virtual

sierrapacific Guest

I just started my own VA and I need some Pilots and a fleet painter.
We are going to fly a fleet of Boeing 737-400's and DHC-Q400's. There is also a possibility of an Airbus A320 (depending on how many pilots we have). Are HUBS are Salt Lake City and North Las Vegas Airport. We plan on having flights going to the Grand Canyon. We have many more flights which are located on our website. Our main goal at Sierra Pacific Virtual is to have our fleet painted and to have at least 10 pilots by the end of the month. If you would like to become a pilot you must be at least 9 years old, and have at least 35 hours in the sim.
Please check out our website at:
Damian O'Dell-CEO of Sierra Pacific Virtual

sierrapacific Guest

I still need pilots and a fleet painter. But I have lowered the requirements for pilot. It is only 6 hours now. My website is .

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