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OK, so we now know that FSX is comming 👍 ,and really we know very little about it at all at the moment Ermm... .

Given that Microsoft said all that we needed to run Fs9 was

98/Me - 64Mbs Ram
2000/XP - 128Mbs Ram
450Mhz - processor
8Mb/3D - GFX card


(the only difference between Fs8 and Fs9 was the processor went up from 300Mhz) ROFL

Also a lot of fuss was made that Fs9 would run on lower spec systems
(yes,but they forgot to say that it would crawl along at an impossible speed Evil or Very Mad )

Now,Im not knocking FSX before its even out Nope ,far from it.As soon as its out over here Ill buy it(and bloody Vista if I must Evil or Very Mad )
All I ask is that Microsoft be honest with us as to the minimum spec.Give us an IDEAL spec that will run it at a decent frame rate with all the bells and whistles turned ON

OK here's my gripe 🙄

I have a fairly tidy PC that runs FS9 with good frame rates and all the sliders up to the max,and I was going to build myself a new PC anyway,(this month) Hack but now Im going to have to wait,what 6/7 months?? before we get the phoney min specs

I know that when buying/building a new PC,you get the best you can a££ord,but I want to be a step ahead of the game,thats why I will wait. I also know that having my"new PC money"burning a hole in my wallet it will slowly get smaller and smaller(also comming out of the wallet later this year, a new set of wheels Umm... something sensible and practical No, No! )

So come on Microsoft help out old TTT here and be HONEST
and hurry up before the car

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Agree to all the above about MS honestly etc.

I think that if we get an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (s939) X2dual core or (if we can effort the price) an AMD Athlon 64 FX - 57 (s939) also an nVidia GeForce 7800GTX 256MB 'PCI Express'
and about 2 gb of ram and all of these under a PS about 500watts we will be ok.

Besides these will be the nexts steps one way or another for the next upgrade(at least for me... 😉 )

The brands are my favorites.No meaning to reduce INTEL and ATI.

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I was reading the FAQ section and it said that FSX will come on a DVD. Lets just hope that I have my new computer when that comes out.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I too am a AMD and Nvidia man
AMD because you get more bang for your buck
Nvidia because ATI drivers used to be very poor and unstable
I have a 500watt power supply,but will it be enough ? duel GFX cards and duel CPU and at least 2gig high performance memory

I cant wait to start Hack 😉

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tomthetank wrote:

Also a lot of fuss was made that Fs9 would run on lower spec systems
(yes,but they forgot to say that it would crawl along at an impossible speed Evil or Very Mad )

I never buy software when my computer only meets minimum specs. I know what it will be like. I have never seen software yet that runs well on minimum specks no matter who put it out. it isn't just MS on that one.

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This is what they say we will need for maximum flying and scenery.
Start saving you pennies now your going to need them in 10 months.

Q: What type of computer hardware will I need to run “Flight Simulator X”?
Commentary: Mo' fasta, Mo' betta.
While Microsoft has not officially released the system requirements for FSX, their comment above is typical of how the Flight Simulator platform is designed to run on a range of systems. But, you cannot have it all ways. Based on past advances in the Flight Simulator line, we can expect FSX to perform to our community's high standards of smooth graphics, awesome audio, breathtaking scenery, exquisite details and exciting adventures – on systems that are at today's moderately high end of the PC system spectrum. This means, don't expect FSX to give you a great flight on your trusty old Pentium III. Take a look under your hood. If your PC is at least a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz, with at least 1GB of SDRAM and a fast EIDE or SATA hard drive, with a 128MB 8X AGP video card – you probably have enough horsepower to "run" FSX. Just as with FS2004, you'll need to dial down some of the performance settings to have a smooth flight with simplified graphics, weather and traffic settings. a 3 GHz system would be my recommendation for a basic place to start.

We can venture a well educated guess that it will require a significant computer system upgrade to run FSX as smoothly as we all want and with all the video, audio, traffic, weather and scenery features cranking full throttle. After all, we want to upgrade our flightsim experience, not just give our money to Microsoft for the same old experience, right?

We don't need a crystal ball to make that prediction. Even when they are finally revealed, we never take Microsoft's minimum system requirements as the gospel truth. In my entire 20+ years of working in the PC world, we have never had any application run to my satisfaction at minimum system requirements. That's practically a Law of Nature.

What was true in the past is that with FS2002, Combat Flight Simulator 3 and FS2004 – we all had to upgrade our computers to get the most out of those flightsimming experiences. Stands to reason that we'll all need more horsepower under the hood to have a sublime FSX experience. So, now would be a good time to gear up and get over it.

To gear up properly for FSX, I'm recommending a fast CPU starting at least with a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 processor and 533 FSB. My best recommendation is a system with an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 670 that runs at 3.8 GHz with an 800 MHz front Side Bus (FSB). You'll also want hyperthread technology (HT), 2MB cache and Intel PCI Express graphics for maximum performance and mind-blowing results. It's a good thing that PC prices are dropping lower every day. Best of all is the fact that if you gear up now, you'll also enjoy a spectacular improvement in your FS2004 experience.

Commentary: Thanks, for the memories...
Gear up with a minimum of 1GB dual channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533 MHz. Best would be 2GB at 667 GHz.

Commentary: Consider a RAID array
Two drives are far better than one. You can run FSX with a single hard drive provided you have plenty of room for the new application and all the add-ons you'll be getting for free from FlightSim.Com or buying from the payware developers. But, consider the benefit of a dual drive RAID array that's optimized for gaming performance. A 500GB array that consists of two, 250GB drives would be best. If you need less overall storage, you could downsize to a 320GB array with twin 160GB matched drives. The primary benefit of RAID array for gaming is that it dramatically increases system hard drive input-output performance by a whopping 50%.

Be sure to have a DVD drive ready since FSX will only ship on DVD. Bravo, for that one. You can fit almost 7 CDs worth of data on a single 4.5GB DVD. That will make FSX installation a lot less tedious than the chore of installing FS2004. Life is too short to waste time swapping CDs to install software. The only comment we have about that move is, "Outstanding. Well done." Plus, from what I'm reading between the lines, there may be cinematic content on the DVD that will play during the sim's operation.

Commentary: Get PCI Express and double your GRAM
You'll want an Intel PCI Express capable video card with minimum of 128MB of GRAM. You'll also want a minimum NVIDIA 6800 or ATI Radeon X850. Best would be NVIDIA 7800 with 256MB GRAM. But, save your money on the 512MB models. That's probably overkill and over-spending.



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PanAmerican wrote:

I was reading the FAQ section and it said that FSX will come on a DVD. Lets just hope that I have my new computer when that comes out.

I just installed a new DVD drive so that would work for me. I once had a game that was on 5 CD's and also came with the game on a DVD. The DVD version not only eliminated swapping CD's but it had better cut scenes in it.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I wonder if Microsoft will use common sense and include a 'no DVD crack' in FSX. It would save someone else writing one.

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WarHawk42 Captain

Tailhook wrote:

I wonder if Microsoft will use common sense and include a 'no DVD crack' in FSX. It would save someone else writing one.

Not a chance, that is there way of keeping you from sharing the program with someone else.

You will have to leave that little item to the ones outside of MS who know how to do it.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I am fully aware of the principle behind it. Pro- con- , right - wrong.... it's futile.
Let me just say that before I discovered the 'no CD crack' for fs9, it was by no means a rarety that I restarted the sim up to about 50 times on a day when I did a lot of installing and tweaking.
Even a novice would figure that this would take a heavy toll on the CD/DVD drive. Fear

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