Fly Away Simulation

my new website!

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hinch Chief Captain

clicky HEEEERE

i'm uploading files to avsim as i type...

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 I like it! When will you have downloads or are you going to link to avsim.
Good luck!


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hinch Chief Captain

i'm linking to avsim directly off the site.

at launch there will beee:
- an148: 2 textures, painkit and imperial panel
- kittyhawk 737-800 paintkit
- gulfstream V paintkit and 1 texture

- a gallery of pics you can comment on

- some backgrounds

- links to the best freeware

not much i know, but i hope to bang out 2 textures a week for a while.

i'm currently very busy also with work and university interviews.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I might be wrong, but you seem to be a workaholic. If indeed you are, why don't you write a brandnew 'Repaint Tutorial'... you know the kind mere mortals can understand Hack

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hinch Chief Captain

i'm hand drawing then animating a flash cdrom for my portfolio.

i have this website

a mountainboard website

a recycling company website

a carpenter/fitters website


i have no life, it's fine :p i've nearly finished this site anyhoot - just need to do the visuals and gallery comments.

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ceetee Chief Captain

Nice site man, look foward to the an148 textures. I might also have a go at repainting one with your paintkit (what format is it btw?)

I'm just gonna add your site to my favourites!

I'll visit again when it has opened 🙂

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hinch Chief Captain

for a preview see this:

paintkits are psd, but work in paint shop pro as well as any adobe package.

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Corgi First Officer

Good luck with all your hard work Hinch



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